Just another day in paradise!

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A few tips to a perfect day on Antiparos:


  • Get up early!

The calm, beautiful mornings are perfect on the island. The sun rising over Paros and the sea so calm you see all the reflections of the nature in it. Use this morning before the rest of the village is waking up and go for a walk or a light run, but more importantly: a morning swim. In a couple of hours the the temperature will rise and the  beaches will fill up, so now is your time to have it all to your self. Combine it with a stroll in the port and watch the fishermen come in with today's catch or buy fresh, warm bread from the bakery and local fruits from the farmers.


  • It's time to explore!

After an early morning and a long, lazy breakfast, we recommend you put your sunscreen on and explore the island. Rent a motorbike or a bicycle and head out. Antiparos has so many beautiful places to see and you can stop anywhere a long your way for a quick swim. Combine it with a trip to the Cave, a must see when visiting the island, or a boat trip to the archaeological site, Despotiko.


  • Lunch-time!

After all: you are on holiday:) Have your lunch  by the water in Ag.Giorgios. Combine fresh fish and octopus with a Greek salad maybe while listening to the soft sea and taking in the smell of sun, salt and summer. After the lunch, why not do as southern Europeans do: Siesta! Find some shade and charge your batteries and doze of for a while.


  • Sunset and classical music!

After a long day in the sun exploring the island, the day is now coming to an end. And you can not miss the magical sunset on Antiparos. Enjoy a refreshment while classical music is playing in the background and watch the beautiful nature doing what she does best: Magic!


  • Dinner, shopping, ice-cream!

Antiparos has a wide selection in places to eat. International or local cuisine, - there is something for every taste. After dinner comes dessert and why not bring a ice-cream while you check out all the various shops along the main street. No cars allowed, so here you can just take in the island life.

Now here it's time for some to end the evening. Maybe sitting on the balcony, looking over the sea and processing the impressions and the memories of the day while for others the night is just getting started.

So even if you are an early bird or you want to dance under the stars until sunrise, Antiparos has something for everyone. Create your own Antiparos and make memories for a lifetime.

Happy holiday!

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