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With only 3 days to go to race day, Antiparos is ready to welcome almost 300 participants for the 6th road race for health, for the distances 24,4km, 10km and 2km (fun race).

The interest and the participants has increased largely over the years. From the first start in 2012 with only 34 participants, to this years event of almost 300 persons. This would not have been possible to happen without the genuine interest and organization from Antiparos en Plo.

They have gathered volunteers, sponsors and supporters from all around, and they have created a highly professional race around the island of Antiparos.

A big selection of nationalities are presented this year: runners from Italy, USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, China, Canada, Germany and Cyprus are all taking part, among with of course participants from several cities and islands around Greece.  They will all have the pleasure of running along the seaside of the island in a scenery you will not find many other places in the world. At least not during a race!

The route is long and for some it will be tough, but Antiparos en Plo have secured with frequent water-stations, medical and support teams along the route, so all the runners will be in the best hands from beginning until the end. We encourage as many as possible to take part along the route and cheer the runners along in their race.

Friday 16th of June at 13.00 there will be a volunteer brief meeting at Navagio Cafe next to the post office.

Followed by the registration and package collection at 18.00 - 21.00 same place.

From 20.00 - 21.00 we encourage you to take part in the technical briefing at Navagio Cafe, where there also will be shown a route video. We think this might be helpful to many of the participants and therefor suggest you participate on this to visualize your route for the race.

Saturday 17th June is THE day! This is when it happens, guys!

From 11.30 - 15.00 Antiparos en Plo will be present at the port and you can here collect your registration package.

17.20 they will have a technical race brief for 24,4km and 10km participants.

17.45  10km hiking start

18.00 24,4km start

18.10 10km start

18.15 2km fun race start

20.45 race completion for 10km and 24km followed by the AWARD CEREMONY at 21.00.  And from 21.30 there will be a buffet hosted by Anargyros Restaurant in the port.

For those of you who will not be able to take part of this event, we suggest you follow the LIVE streaming from the port and along the runners route hosted by Antiparos.TV

The stream will this year be available on Antiparos.TV Facebook Page.

There you will also find information regarding the stream for Saturday.


Now we want to make a huge THANK YOU to Antiparos en Plo for their hard work in making this all come together in such a organized, safe and professional way. We know there has been many hours added to make this all happen and your efforts are being highly appreciated in terms of what this also means for our favorite Greek island!

To all the participants: all the best of luck!

Remember: "It's suppose to be hard.. The hard is what makes it great".

Good luck everyone!


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