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Some days are just logistical nightmares. A breakfast meeting in one city and lunch in another. A meeting in distant place you’ve been putting off because it’s such a hassle to work it into your schedule. Perhaps you’re taking a prominent client to a sales meeting, and you’d like to make the trip impressive. Or are you just tired of the endless traffic?

Whether you’re pressed for time, entertaining an important client, or indulging yourself with a little hard-earned luxury, our executive transport service can get you where you need to go quickly, comfortably and in style.

We provide carefree, above-the-gridlock air transportation to all Greek airports and heliports. We fly seven days a week. Call us during office hours (10:00- 17:00 local times) or sent us an e-mail inquiry for a quote to any of the airports, heliports in our service area; other locations available on request.

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