From island-hopping.. To island-swimming!

Many of us are familiar to how Greece are famous for “island-hopping”. We love to explore this beautiful country and especially it’s islands. And it is easy to explore the one beautiful Greek island after the other, as many are within a close range of distance. So this has for many years been a popular way to travel for turist going from island to island in Greece

swimming antiparos

No, it is not as dramatic as it sounds and you will still have plenty of time to enjoy your holiday as you should, but on our small island of Antiparos there is being arranged a swimming contest every year for those whom take the challenge to cross the channel and swim from the island of Paros to the island of Antiparos. 1453 m in clear blue Aegean waters. This year over 300 happy swimmers took the challenge and swam from the one island to the other and we hope next year it will be even more.

For full video of this fun event follow this link: Paros – Antiparos swim

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