Fifty shades of.. Cycladic blue

Cyclades. The name it self tastes of white and blue! -Small chapels, stonesteps, sunrises and sunsets, -sea and salt .. The small houses so bright white your eyes hurt in the warm sun -and then the blue.. The Cycladic blue on the church roofs, the old shutters and the Greek blue doors. They all blend together with the dark blue Aegean sea and the…

Antiparos – from hippie to hip..

Even as one of the smaller islands in the Cyclades, Antiparos has a well know name.  Little sister of the far larger neighbor island Paros, is being described as friendly with a relaxing atmosphere and is a beloved destination for many. Even the taxi driver taking you to the port if your start destination is   Athens/Pireaus, will most…

From island-hopping.. To island-swimming!

Many of us are familiar to how Greece are famous for “island-hopping”. We love to explore this beautiful country and especially it’s islands. And it is easy to explore the one beautiful Greek island after the other, as many are within a close range of distance. So this has for many years been a popular…

Ready for another run?

ARE YOU READY? Here goes again.. For the 5th time:  Antiparos 5th Road Race with distances of 10 and 24,4km. 18.06.16 is the date you need to be one place only: out running the streets of Antiparos. For information and registration contact Antiparos en Plo or sign up here. Good luck to everyone! Facebook Comments

Let’s do it Antiparos

17.04.16 we are doing it again. Lets do it Greece, we are cleaning the island of Antiparos. Antiparos en Plo are organizing this very important cleaning at the island and we hope everyone will participate for a cleaner island. Meet up in the port 09.30 am to support this action! Facebook Comments

14th Antiparos 10km race

Less than a week to go folks!  The yearly, now 14th Antiparos 10km race, is starting in the port of Antiparos, going through the Main Street, turning approximately by Glyfa Beach and back. We hope you will join no matter if you are a elite runner, a time to time jogger or if you just…

Piano concert, Kastro

Make sure you don’t miss the piano concert tomorrow in the old town, Kastro! It will be magical. See you there at 21:30.   Facebook Comments

Antiparos photo festival!

We can’t wait! Antiparos photo festival opens tonight and the place to be is Kastro. Come and have a look at all the beautiful and original photos. The festival becomes even more original as you can view parts of the exhibition in the authentic scenery of Kastro. -the old part of Antiparos-  A definite GoAntiparos…

A taste of originality!

The biggest charm of Antiparos is how they have managed to keep the traditional shops and restaurants over the years,  -no matter how famous the island has become. It’s a natural blend of original and modern places to visit during your stay. One of these shops that has kept its originality is the butchers shop…

Treat your self..

It’s holiday! Take some time to take care of your self. Why not treat your self with a manicure or pedicure from Bianco by Ageri in the pedestrian street? Follow the signs.. You are worth it! Facebook Comments